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7932 REICHS FORD RD Frederick md 21704

50% MD Legal Tint Nissan GT-R

Tint Band Chevy Silverado

35% Windshield Tint Chevy Camaro

35% BMW 650i

20% Tint Hyundai Sonata 

5% Tint Mazda 6

Standard Tint                                                          $159 +

One year warranty against peeling. Blue powder-base dyed black, NO UV protection

Executive Tint                                                         $249 +

Limited lifetime warranty with Tint and Sound black powder base; 99% UV Protection and 27% Total Solar Energy Rejection

​Tail Light Tint                                                          $140 +

Windshield Sunstrip                                                 $30

Windshield Tint                                                       $180

Automotive Tint Removal                                    $100 +

​​Business & Residential Tinting                            CALL


3M Color Stable Tint                                                             $329 +

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. Carbon-base non-metallic film will NOT interfere cell phone, satellite radio, or other radio signals. 99% UV protection and 35%-51% Total Solar Energy Rejection dependent on percentage you select.  

3M Crystalline Tint                                                                $599 +

3M Crystalline premium window film provides the best UV protection in the industry, combining hundreds of layers of film to keep you cool and your interior protected. Nationwide lifetime warranty on color change, cracking, peeling and bubbling

3M Paint Protection Film                                                     $599 +

Rear Window Tint Only                                                        $130

Window Tint & Protective Film